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Taste of France said...

My dear, I tried to comment, but there was a beautiful photo of a staircase in front of the comment box. Here it is:
Our village had a terrible flood a year before we arrived. Everyone still talks about it. Our next-door neighbor's house nearly was swept away. She now has a ladder over the wall between our properties in case there's another deluge (our place is somewhat higher). It helps her sleep at night. It's a terrible thing and seriously proof that we need to pay more attention to our unending consumption of oil. I feel guilty every time I go to town. In a car. It's bad for the earth. It's bad for our health. I know I would be able to eat all the desserts I desired if I would just go to town by bike. PLUS no more bad back. In great shape. So simple, but we don't want to do it. Well, I need a safe bike path and then I would do it for sure.

Mumbai said...

Hi, Marsha on the "shop" doesn't lead me to any merchandise. Have read that an other
lady has the same problem.